The AiM Finding Centre courses are taught by Gary Ward and Chris Sritharan.

It is a full immersion into the realm of closed chain biomechanics and Gary’s
Flow Motion Model.

How we teach

The goal of an AiM practitioner is simple: to help you to bring your own body into alignment and create an environment in which the healing can begin. The human body is the ultimate healer – a title belonging to no therapist.

Imagine doing all of this in a fast, effective, enjoyable and efficient way as you guide the client through corrective, rehabilitative, developmental and performance phases of their training.

The AiM courses cater for newly qualified* to advanced Personal Trainers and even attract physios, osteopaths, podiatrists and the medical fraternity into our catchment too. Why? The AiM technology caters for and complements all existing therapies. What we teach is fresh, new and usable from day one. All you need is a Personal Trainer qualification or a sports science degree or to be a practising medical therapist.

* Some experience of working with clients is advisable for new PTs.

The Flow Motion Model™


Are you looking to understand human movement?
Do you want to accelerate your clients toward their goals?
Do you want to help people with pain in their daily life or with injury in their chosen sport?

If you would like more information on AiM courses please contact us by email:

Please note that Gary is not currently seeing new clients. Please revert to the “Find a Practitioner” page or check out our ‘Wake Your Body Up’ programme

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