Welcome to our first instalment of online education

“Closed Chain Lower Limb Mechanics” is a detailed look into the biomechanics of the lower limb…

But not as you may already know it!

The goals of this programme are:

  • To introduce you to the basic Finding Centre philosophy and the 5 rules as outlined in Gary’s book “What The Foot?”
  • To introduce Gary’s concept of “Closed Chain Biomechanics” for the pelvis, hip, knee, ankle and foot.
  • To build on the “Now it’s your turn” part of the book by looking at how muscle’s load and respond in three dimensions to these mechanics when upright and in motion
  • To take the knowledge and build exercises to guide the body to be able to access these necessary and integrated movements.
  • The intention overall is to bring our movement insights to you and also to help you see benefits in yourself which may inform how you work with your clients and if so, to provide new solutions for your client’s movement issues as well.

This Course Includes NINE CHAPTERS – including a grand total of no less than 60 videos

Covering 15 major muscles of the lower limb:

Glutes Psoas Adductor Rectus Femoris Hamstrings Vastus Medialis Obliquus Abductors Gastrocnemius Soleus Plantar Fascia Posterior Tibialis Anterior Tibialis Peroneus / Fibularis Longus Flexor Hallucis Longus Extensor Digitorum Longus

And how they respond directly to the movements of the following joints & structures: 

Pelvis Hip joint Knee joint Ankle joint Rearfoot Forefoot Toes

This gives us insight into the following curiosities and many more:

  1. Is the peroneus longus really an everter of the foot?
  2. Can knee motion be directly connected to foot motion?
  3. Do biaxial muscles really enjoy a full proximal & distal stretch?
  4. What do I do with these wedges I see being used on social media?
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The Closed Chain Biomechanics of the Lower Limb course is now CPD recognised. You will be able to submit 12 points following a successful 100% pass rate to your awarding body in many countries across the globe. Please check with your provider.  We have very high standards and are using the 100% pass rate as a marker of your commitment to this course in order to earn your continual professional development points. It will also help you to progress along the pathway of education we have planned for the future.

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We live in an age where social media and the internet which has made it very easy to reach out for support and answers…. while this is a truly remarkable advancement in how we are able to live our lives today, what does it stop us doing? Unless we are self motivated and independent learners, it can stop us from being with a problem to truly begin to understand it. Do you remember the time when you purchased a textbook to learn from and you were not able to reach out to the author to ask for help? What did you do? You became resourceful and started to look for ways to get the information you needed to answer your own questions…That was and still is, in our opinion,  the real gift of learning…the ability to answer questions by understanding more rather than having the questions answered without really understanding what the answer is or means. This has been a cornerstone of the teaching in AIM and will remain there whether it is in person or online. We want you to use your body to find the answer… it is not always easy, it is not always fun, but if it leads to better understanding, then we see it as worth the time, challenge and effort.

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