“The aim of any therapeutic work undertaken is never to enter into an “I fix you : you fix me” relationship.

The goal of an AiM practitioner is simple: to help you to bring your own body into alignment and create an environment in which the healing can begin.

The human body is the ultimate healer – a title belonging to no therapist.”


Garys’ philosophy has always been that by educating practitioners, he would be able to benefit more people in the long run than if he was to work individually in a clinical setting.

With this in mind, Gary offers online help, which is educational, informative and designed to help you understand your body better and get you moving in a new, innovative and empowering way. He has also worked to enhance the skillset of many practitioners around the world who he makes openly available to help you, and he also runs minimal clinical hours. The two options for you if you are looking to get started working with Gary’s AiM methodology are:

The ‘Wake Your Body Up! Series

By far the quickest and least expensive option is Gary’s ‘Wake Your Body up’ series of videos designed to help you to help yourself. It is a source of educational insight as well as an opportunity to try out the AiM method on your own body (with or without a therapist). There are simple things you can learn about your own body’s movement (or lack of) and use simple movement based processes to put that movement back in your body creating space and opportunity to heal.

‘Wake Your body Up!’

Access Wake Your Body Up!

‘Wake Your Feet Up!’

Access Wake Your Feet Up!

2. Worldwide Referrals.

Gary invites you to contact already Qualified Therapists and Trainers who have attended one or more of his AiM Finding Centre workshops as part of their own personal continued professional development.

 These therapists use the AiM method in conjunction with their already established skillset, so may or may not fully use the AiM method as portrayed in Gary’s book, Gary’s videos or as was presented on TV.

Have a look to see if you can find one who you feel you would like to work with.

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Praise for GARY WARD

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