Online Mentoring with Gary Ward

What a truly transformative experience Gary’s Mentorship was. If you are looking to solidify your understanding of how the human body really moves, look no further; this material will make your heart sing! Gary is an extraordinary teacher—thoughtful, patient, and eagle-eyed, with great wisdom and contagious analytical skills. If you’re eager to help yourself and others eradicate pain while achieving efficient, effective, and effortless movement, and you’re open to unlearning much of what you thought you knew about how we move, this Mentorship will exceed your expectations. The learning curve is steep, often stratospheric; brace yourself for a profound leap forward. Within Gary’s responses and commentaries, you’ll consistently unearth invaluable insights and golden A-HA moments that will make the investment more than worthwhile” – Judi Martini, mentorship #2

A Game Changing Mentorship Experience

Take advantage of this incredible 8 week learning experience and become immersed in the world of AiM that will change the way you look at human movement forever.

If you have been studying the AiM material and wish to go deeper, this is your chance to observe countless case studies and put yourself in the spotlight to observe, feel and experience your own and others transformations.

In the previous mentorship over 1000 videos passed back and forth in the app over the two month period! Commented on, drawn upon, details pointed out and refined, exercises suggested, explored, critiqued and improved upon. Case study after case study of observation of human movement as Gary utilises his AiM Method to bring to life his online educational courses.

Maybe you are not sure exactly what to look for and questions to ask? Maybe you can’t quite get that foot to connect with that pelvis? What are the ten things you want to ask Gary? Or perhaps you simply want to work with the man himself? Well now you can have unlimited access to Gary’s insight and wisdom for a nine week period.

Imagine working with a client (or yourself) knowing that you can take a video, share it in the app and have Gary observe, discuss, understand, work through and facilitate solutions and ideas for the best outcome for you and/ or your client ALL while consolidating your learning of AiM’s Educational content.

With each ACTIVE member sharing content and Gary supporting each person’s journey, we all get to learn and benefit from each other’s input.

All communications will be through a video sharing app and text based conversation with a weekly Zoom call (now offered in differing tie zones) to connect with the group and share and discuss learnings, experiences and case studies. As a group we all rise together. Book now to sign up and if you are quick, take advantage of the Early Bird pricing opportunity.

This time we are looking for 16 ACTIVE participants – after which we can take on a number of PASSIVE participants as well

Click here to read about ACTIVE and PASSIVE participation

This programme is for people already working on the online educational programmes or who have been in a classroom with us before. This is sadly not for our wonderful Wake Your Body Up people.

It is for practitioners, bodyworkers and trainers who are studying the AiM educational material. This includes: “Closed Chain Biomechanics of the Lower Limb”, “Biomechanics of the Upper Body in Motion” and “The Flow Motion Model”. It is highly recommended that you have also watched the “Upper and Lower body assessments” course.

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Mentorship Learning Outcomes

This is a game changing opportunity to ask Gary anything to enhance your practice and thinking. All communication will be through video sharing, text based chat and a regular group call.

With a small group, Gary can focus on everybody’s learning and needs.

At AiM we focus on letting the Experience create your Learning, the course will be wholly practical versus theory based with the goal of consoldiating your learning, putting it into practice and applying the work to directly impact yourself and those you work with.

If you wish to consolidate this work and deepen your understanding and enhance your results with people, this is a great opportunity to work with Gary.

What you will get over the 9 weeks:
• Reinforcement of Closed Chain Biomechanics
• Insight and application with regards to Gary’s Flow Motion Model
• Practical application
• Video based guidance and feedback
• Get eyes on your own body
• Get your clients involved
• Imagine having Gary in your back pocket for the next nine weeks
• New to the Flow Motion Model – don’t worry, you will see hours and hours of it in application and practice.
• Only just working through the foundation modules? Don’t worry, this will be a perfect stepping stone for using the material and getting an insight into the FMM

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