Wouldn’t you like to know exactly how you hold yourself in your body? How your posture affects how you move? And even how both together could be contributing to your problems today?



Gary’s ‘Wake Your Body up’, is a series of videos designed to help you to help yourself.

It is a source of educational insight as well as an opportunity to try out the AiM method on your own body (with or without a therapist). There are simple things you can learn about your own body’s movement (or lack of) and use simple movement based processes to put that movement back in your body creating space and opportunity to heal.

It’s our view that most likely you can do more for yourself through movement than you currently are. It’s also our view that most people can take much more personal responsibility for their own problems. I’d love to be able to guide you to do just that.

Modern therapeutic processes, they type you are most likely undertaking are not movement based and focus largely on isolated/ individual parts of the body. This is not a bad thing BUT we do need to teach these parts to move in sync with the rest of the body while it is being treated. We must re-educate the body through movement.

Just like your glutes, many parts of your body could be “asleep”, considered and thoughtful movement using patterns uncovered in Gary’s Flow Motion Model™ can quite literally wake them up again, giving you access to a more ‘whole’ you, enabling you to use more instead of less and feel better instead of worse.

Give this self assessment a go and I promise you will:

Become aware of how you stand,
Become aware of the posture you hold,
Become aware of how you move around inside that posture,
Become aware of the movements you can do and the movement you can’t,
Learn how you can re-educate your body through movement.

All for less than the price of a physiotherapy session…

This two part movement process is designed to wake up your body and to be educational in the process. Firstly through a personal whole body scan of what your major joints are capable of doing in all three dimensions and secondly a process of movement that will guide you to restoring any of these motions that appear to be lacking to you. You will be asked to consider your injury and see if there are correlations to what you are going through now.

Most people are not given the opportunity to take responsibility for their own body. This is my number one intention, to guide you to that opportunity, to empower yourself and to guide you through a variety of movements that will create space in your body, speak directly to your brain and reduce the stresses on your body as you are currently experiencing it.

We ask for some time, patience and commitment too; remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and yet for £9.99 you can learn the same tools I teach our students to assess your own body and reintroduce long lost movements for the rest of your life. It’s a process that will never age and will always bring benefit to your body*.

This is the power of understanding your anatomy in motion.

* Guidance with a therapist may ultimately be required for some people

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