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Wouldn’t you like to know exactly how you hold yourself in your body? How your posture affects how you move? And even how both together could be contributing to your problems today?


‘Wake Your Body Up!’ is largely about the upper body, your posture and movement of your pelvis, spine, ribcage, neck and skull. The “Wake Your Body Up” series follows on from the work I did with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee in his book “The 4 Pillar Plan” where I am featured in a section of the Movement chapter called “Wake up your Sleepy Glutes!”; This is a much deeper look into what you can do to wake up your whole inter-connected body; it is also an opportunity for you to begin a self-enquiry into your own physical condition and begin to make sense of what has been happening to you and your body over the years. After all you are the sum of everything you have done in your life to date.  Many people tell me they have lost hope or been abandoned by their therapists. I find this both hard to believe and sad. However, it might just be time to take some personal responsibility, take some ownership of your own body and go through a process of self-assessment and learn a new process which speaks directly to your brain and has the potential to reorganise your whole body.



Do you have painful feet? Problems in the lower legs that you cannot overcome despite following conventional practices and even trying orthotics with little improvement?


Wouldn’t you like to know how to assess your own feet and make good decisions around what exactly they need right now? This programme helps you understand your needs and also gives you the insight you need to begin to work with, improve and work towards having your natural foot function back.

This programme tackles the foundations on which everything is built – where the rubber hits the road if you like – enabling you to experience the lost key to long term physical change… your amazing feet.  As with Wake Your Body Up, this programme really does give you a chance to learn about your feet, take ownership of your feet and most importantly take action to restore necessary movement patterns that can have far reaching effects through your whole body.

To access your AiM set of three wedges for an additional £10 (plus postage), you will find a link in Chapter One of the Wake Your Feet Up programme. 


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