To benefit from a session with an AiM trained
practitioner, hopefully you will find a local
practitioner in our database below.

The therapists in the following list are trained therapists who have attended AiM courses. They may or may not fully use the AiM method as portrayed in Gary’s book, Gary’s videos or as was presented on TV. Many therapists use the AiM method in conjunction with their already established skillset. Therefore it is our advice that prior to undertaking any therapy with any therapist that you make contact to explain your situation and find out how they can help you. Once you have done this, you can make your own decisions as to whether they feel like they are the right fit for you. Gary has not given permission for people to call themselves AiM practitioners and they have not yet been certified to be so, they have simply engaged in the AiM methodology and apply it at whatever level they deem beneficial in their own practice. It is not the responsibility of Gary Ward or AiM if the process you experience is not what you perceive AiM to be.

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