Do you have painful feet? Problems in the lower legs that you cannot overcome despite following conventional practices and even trying orthotics with little improvement? Wouldn’t you like to know how to assess your own feet and make good decisions around what exactly they need right now? This programme helps you understand your needs and also gives you tool to work on to improve and work towards having your natural foot function back.


You might have arrived on this page having read Dr Rangan Chaterjee’s book where he and I
introduced my concepts for Waking Up Your Sleepy Glutes. You might have heard of us from someone who has benefited from taking control of their own physiology. You might be at your wits end wanting to move beyond pain or niggles that you can’t seem to shift even with help from others

Whether it’s your lower body, where you’ll find help on this page, or it’s your upper body (where you will find help on this page) or both, these self-help programmes will give you a systematic way to take ownership of your own body giving you the chance to finally experience pain free movement through re-educating your own body to move correctly once again.

Have you ever noticed how everyone moves differently? Over the years, we all develop our own unique patterns of movement, some that help, some that hinder and some that become problematic.

What if an awareness of how you move could help you get even more from your body, overcome pain and go beyond any limitations that currently old you back ?

Originally designed to educate physical therapists like physios, chiropractors, coaches and bodyworkers, these programmes are now designed to educate you about your own body to empower you to help yourself.

No prior knowledge of anatomy is required, just you, your body and a willingness to explore your own body through movement. Ultimately, once you begin to experience and appreciate the content inside, my hope is that it becomes a tool for life, so you can always make sense of the feelings you are experiencing on a day to day basis.

“Wake Your Feet Up”

This programme tackles the foundations on which everything is built – where the rubber hits the road if you like – enabling you to experience the lost key to long term physical change… your amazing feet.

To access your AiM set of three wedges for £19.99, you will find a link in Chapter One of the Wake Your Feet Up programme. 


In this programme and the Wake Your Body Up programme, I take you through a step by step guided tour of how your body is moving and should move, helping you to self-diagnose and become the author of your own healing by learning to move better…. for good.

Nobody holds the title of healer. We all heal ourselves as restrictions and limitations are liften from the body. My goal is to help you by shining a light on the what’s not moving and helping you to explore that movement and reintegrate new movement back into the whole body.

Assess. Move. Integrate….. all by yourself, in the comfort of your own surroundings.

I should mention that like anything, this is not a silver bullet – only sign up for this if you are willing to put the work in. A quick once over run through is unlikely to unlock the changes you crave. It’s a process, a journey, a journey back to you 

You might decide to start with the programme that seems to be more relevant to your body. First one and then go on to the other. See how you go, it’s all about what changes for you. It’s your body, you will feel it and intuitively know it.

Whichever programme you choose to start with, This will give you the chance to become:

  • Self-sufficient – having an ability to heal yourself through movement for ever
  • Able to eliminate the cause of pain and niggles no longer just managing the symptoms
  • Newly aware of your body to take into your sporting and everyday activities

And I can promise, with time and dedication to yourself, you will:

  • Become aware of how you stand
  • Become aware of the posture you hold
  • Begin to understand that your feet can do so much more than they currently do
  • Become aware of the movements you can do and the movement’s you cannot
  • Learn how you can re-educate your body through movement

All for less than the price of a physiotherapy session (because my friend you are going to be doing all the work)

Most people are not given the opportunity to take responsibility for their own body.

This is my number one intention, to guide you to that opportunity, to empower yourself and to guide you through a variety of movements that will create space in your body, speak directly to your brain and reduce the stresses on your body as you are currently experiencing it.

We ask for some time, patience and commitment too; remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and yet for £14.99 you can learn the same tools I teach our students to assess your own body and reintroduce long lost movements for the rest of your life. It’s a process that will never age and will always bring benefit to your body*.

This is the power of understanding your anatomy in motion.

* Guidance with a therapist may ultimately be required for some people

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