Anthony Claffey

Anthony Claffey

Dublin, Ireland

My name is Anthony. Anatomy in Motion taught me how to work ‘with’ my body and not against it.

I’m a physical therapist and personal trainer. My work is specifically focused around the teachings and philosophy of AiM. I come from a sporting background plagued with injuries from a young age. My journey began with years of frustration trying to force my body to change.

I knew there had to be a reason why my body felt like it was: in chains. There had to be a reason why I didn’t move like everyone else. My quest became a search for answers, to find the truth.

I attended my first course in Dublin 2015 and on day one I knew I’d found the answers I was searching for. I have re attended Dublin courses annually as well as attending courses in Lisbon, London & Amsterdam. What I love about AiM is that it puts everything in black and white and offers complete transparency. It allowed my body to show me the truth instead of relying on models and others’ opinions.

The teachings from Gary Ward & Chris Sritharan inspired me to engage in a process of mastery. To put the Flow Motion Model into my body, day after day, and to feel and experience the anatomy.

What I found most helpful was the dynamic thinking process, i.e. to be able to think in movement. This allowed me not only to resolve my own limitations and problems but to understand anatomy and myself on a much deeper level.

At the start, I struggled to understand the frontal plane in the foot. Actually, I struggled to feel any frontal plane movement in all parts of my body. At the time my feet were like bricks, I felt no movement in them.

I knew to truly experience the work of AiM it needs to be felt and experienced in the body. My challenges highlighted my desire to work ‘with’ my body, knowing it would show me the answers.

Sharing my experience, I hope to inspire you on a journey of self discovery. Know that your body will set you free.

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