Start your AiM journey with a 1 day workshop “Foot Foundations” or get started on the 3 Module course. You will need a password from your teacher to access Modules 2 and 3.

AiM Foot Foundations

Foot Foundations Workshop

Enjoy a huge insight into the ground breaking work of Gary Ward in relation to the human foot. A fun interactive workshops introducing AiM princiles and theories and take away solutions for working with and understanding feet. Warning: You may be upsold onto future courses!

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Module 1: Closed Chain Biomechanics

Be guided through the mind blowing world of Closed Chain Biomechanics – a conceptual & experiential approach to build a foundation for working with the human body when upright and in motion. Exercises, assessments and thought processees to prepare you for the Flow Motion Model.

You must complete this in order to do the later modules.

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Module 2: FMM

Get ready for an unforgettable experience when you follow the steps that Gary went through to build his Flow Motion Model. By the end of this course you will have uncovered, explored, experienced and assessed the journey of the whole body through a single footstep and enjoyed the game changing benefits along the way.

You will require a password to book onto this course. If you have completed the online programme contact us to request this.

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Module 3: AiM Method

Tie everythng together by incorporating all you have learnt into a single and repeatable method that will last the annals of time. Use a person’s resting posture, dynamic postural potential, and gait analysis to fully determine a patients needs and create effective movement solutions based on how well they interact with the Flow Motion Model

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