Online Mentoring with Gary Ward

In this mentoring programme, you have the opportunity to be an ACTIVE participant or a non-active participany (a watcher / observer).

Active and Non-active users

Using a new platform you will have access to Gary on a hyper regular basis among a small group of peers, each of whom will post and share videos into the group for Gary to observe, discuss and positively critique. Each student has their own thread on the app that can be followed from start to finish. We will be assessing your own body and that of your clients / friends/ family to analyse posture, gait and movement potential based on the mechanics established in our online courses.

Each student can observe everyone else’s videos and therefore benefit from the guidance offered by Gary to everyone and not just them individual who posted. An astounding 1000+ videos were uploaded in the previous mentorships and many of the students are still playing catch up two months later. Some of the students have already requested to do it again, such was their exeperience.

There is however a limit to what Gary can do and so there are limitations to the number of people he can take on, but this time there will be a twist.

ACTIVE participant

You can be an ACTIVE delegate – this means you will be willing to put yourself in the limelight, share videos of yourself, your movements, your gait, your corrective exercises and your ideas. You will also seek out clients you need help with or find interesting so that everyone can benefit from each exchange. As it is you and your clients that directly benefit this will come at a higher price than the NON-ACTIVE participant.

Non-Active Participant

A NON-ACTIVE participant will have access to each of the 8 weekly Zoom classrooms with Gary and will be able to raise questions that arise through the week.

NON-ACTIVE participants will not be able to upload videos on the OnForm App and will learn from watching the activity of the ACTIVE participants. On the last mentorship approximately 20% of the students were NON-ACTIVE and yet report back fantastic learning and experience despite never putting themselves or their clients on the camera. This option comes at a lower rate.

Gary is looking for 15-20 active participants MAXIMUM and there will be no limit to the number of non-active participants. Non-active participants may contribute questions to the weekly call as questions naturally arise for all observers in the app.

Once the 15-20 participants have signed up, Gary will open the door to the non-active participants.

Think of it as being on the court or in the stands.  So will you become an active participant or will you be content to simply observe from afar and reap the rewards?

Special note: There must be 15 active participants before we open the doors to others.

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