Mentorship Testimonials

Testimonials from ACTIVE Participants

“I can honestly say I have learnt more from this mentorship than anything I have ever done (and I’ve done a LOT of courses)

No stone is left unturned and that is the key to it’s success – over the years I’ve found courses that I have enjoyed immensely but I’ve come away with questions and it’s been challenging to get answers to the questions because something has been missing. Not with this course, all the fundamentals are covered again and again – if you had to choose a course for 2024 this is the one!! I highly recommend being an ACTIVE member as I was able to experience the magic in my own body throughout the process. I was even shocked by my own before and after video!

Clients have had great results too and now find the exercises easier (with good instruction from moi) than previous exercises I may have used. A win win for everyone. I absolutely cannot wait to help more people move and feel better” – Louisa Roberts

“What a truly transformative experience Gary’s Mentorship was. If you are looking to solidify your understanding of how the human body really moves, look no further; this material will make your heart sing! Gary is an extraordinary teacher—thoughtful, patient, and eagle-eyed, with great wisdom and contagious analytical skills. If you’re eager to help yourself and others eradicate pain while achieving efficient, effective, and effortless movement, and you’re open to unlearning much of what you thought you knew about how we move, this Mentorship will exceed your expectations. The learning curve is steep, often stratospheric; brace yourself for a profound leap forward. Within Gary’s responses and commentaries, you’ll consistently unearth invaluable insights and golden A-HA moments that will make the investment more than worthwhile” – Judi Martini

The repeated drawings of stick figures was a game changer. The practice helped instill discipline in my teaching, specifically, in my preparation prior to seeing regular clients and to my notes post-session. I’ve recently been on a track of teaching large numbers of private clients and being overwhelmed by the long teaching hours, which leads to poor preparation and notes. The Mentorship has highlighted the necessity of me stepping back, putting together a more specific picture for each client (e.g., injury history, static and dynamic posture, etc), and taking seriously their individual needs rather than putting them through generic strength of mobility routines appropriate for their general body type. Quality, not quantity!

I have several amazing movement mentors in my life who I look up to and truly believe they make a difference in the world, yet I haven’t been able to envision myself growing into their shoes and being completely satisfied. This Mentorship gave me a window into a different movement educator’s life: I am grateful for the glimpse into Gary’s life as a practitioner, a movement educator, and an embodied person. This Mentorship sparked a flame of hope in me which I intend to keep fanning. Thank you – Katherine Lindburg

Testimonials from PASSIVE Participants

“As a non-active (now called PASSIVE) member, it was really helpful to watch all the videos and takes bits and pieces from each to put things together the bigger picture. It was challenging, but super helpful to see so many different cases. Some mentorships consist of large group calls where the mentor lectures on topics (which isn’t a bad thing) along with one on one sessions but to include everyone in one group so everyone has access to them is a unique approach and a great idea, even though the number of videos can feel overwhelming at times. You’re able to watch different videos and kind of have an idea of what to do based off what you learned from a previous video, and you soon realise you are watching Gary repeat the same things over and over again, really consolidating the simplicity to his process.

This mentorship has really increased my knowledge about the foot and entire body. Being able to spot the details during assessments is still challenging, but the difference between now and the beginning of this mentorship is night and day. Based off what I see in the assessment, I am already able to think of treatment ideas a lot faster. For example, seeing clients’ reactions to discomfort/pain immediately decreasing just by supinating the foot is priceless, and really gives them a buy-in to what we are working towards.

Just like the online courses, I will look back at the videos on this mentorship to continue my learning journey – Christian Tabula

“I’ve been teaching movement for over 15 years. Always a student, I was looking for a new challenge and a new teacher. I’ve been studying the AIM material online since 2018 but decided it was now time to go deep. I joined Gary Ward’s mentorship as a “non-active” member which meant I could watch from the sidelines. Gary’s input on all the videos became “must watch tv” for me. His invaluable guidance, direction and mentoring has accelerated my understanding of Anatomy in Motion and indeed the human body ten fold.  I realised I had fairly limited beliefs in how much movement it might be possible to restore within my own body. By embodying the work I’ve been blown away by the shifts I’ve felt and seen in others. I am beyond excited to see where this work might take me and can’t wait to help others get past their limitations, explore their movement potential and find centre.” – Michelle Muldoon

“You may come to AiM thinking it’s another modality to help heal people. I think you’ll discover AiM takes you down a different road as I was pleased to learn as a practitioner. There’s no strengthening or stretching exercises which is so refreshing. There’s no belief that the body needs to be fixed, but rather that its remarkable in how it can still move you from place to place considering what it’s been through. It empowers you to move into parts that have been inhibited for one reason or another, and that’s the magic. A different paradigm to our current healing standard, it reintroduces people to their own bodies and guides them back to natural movement in their structure that has effects well beyond just how well we are aligned. I’ve seen so many people who are so happy to come back to themselves versus being told what to do.

I believe that the AiM Mentorship is an integral addition to your online training. It’s so much more in depth on HOW to find a particular movement, instead of just WHAT to do. HOW to relate a local problem to the whole body adaptation. It’s the practical to go along with the theory of rebuilding innate movement of a human. The direct interactions make it come alive and more useful to apply in practice. I highly recommend including the mentorship in your AiM journey” – Claudia Sorenson

“As a non-active participant it felt like being “a fly on the wall” so a very privileged position without the commitment of being an active member.

I have benefited in so many ways, lots of golden nuggets of info, so much detail, what to look for more specifically, the order of assessment, to keep asking questions about history as their body has probably moved away from pain and adapted to thrive in it’s own way – this does usually offer up something they wouldn’t normally think to speak about. To keep re-assessing. Seeing how Gary uses the wedges in different ways . Just to watch Gary work, process and explain everything is fascinating to witness.

Personally, I haven’t worked much on my own body during the mentorship but I am noticing subtle differences that I hadn’t been aware of before. Also to now look at my entire body and not be distracted by just the weaker areas. I love how upright I feel after wall cogs though and clients often feel taller too!

I find I am constantly thinking about AiM!!! I’ve said it before that I feel like AiM work is my screen saver in my mind! – Verena Rowan

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