We educate professionals in the AiM method both live and online and provide self help guidance for people in pain and discomfort to take ownership of their own body. Gary mapped the movement of the whole body through a single footstep – his Flow Motion Model. The model defines all possible joint relationships that your body needs to be able to access to uncover optimal, efficent and free flowing movement. Our self-help programmes guide you to explore this for yourself and for professionals we teach the Model and the AiM method for you to use in your practice.


In this complementary ebook you have the opportunity to take ownership of your body’s physical (and systemic) wellbeing while also learning the truth about human movement and using the principles on both yourself and your clients. I urge you to take responsibility and ownership of your education as well as your body. It’s your finest guide for learning about the subject of anatomy and is also the vehicle you were given to explore life with.

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Garys’ philosophy has always been that by educating practitioners, he would be able to benefit more people in the long run than if he was to work individually in a clinical setting.

Since the 2020 pandemic hit, Gary has had to cease travelling to teach his courses and has instead opted to get his courses out there online for all to learn. While this is not everyone’s choice of education, he recognises that he has the capacity to reach more people and maintain the same high standards of education through this medium. This might mean taking more time to create material in order to achieve this goal.

As a visitor to this site you may be here either to seek help for your own body or to follow our online educational programmes and learn the AiM method.

Here we offer online help for your body, which is educational, informative and designed to help you understand your body better and get you moving in a new, innovative and empowering way. Visit the Wake Your Body Up tab and choose either of the available programmes: Wake Your Feet Up or Wake Your Body Up.

Gary’s book What The Foot? Has always been a precursor to every course and remains the first port of call that we recommend for anybody who wants to find out more about this work.

After many years of travelling around the world enhancing the skillsets of professional bodyworkers, Gary is now creating online education programmes for people to learn the AiM method. Pease visit the AiM education tab and Closed Chain Biomechanics of the Lower Limb to find out more.

Our educational pathway that Gary has planned for you in order to take you on a journey from reading What The Foot to learning the in’s and out’s of Gary’s whole model is also visible under the AiM Edcuation tab. Along the way there will be support packages available with AiM mentors. We are working on the fly and courses will come as they are produced to the standard Gary expects his education to deliver.

Please also enjoy the podcasts, make to sure to watch Gary help Ray understand and work with 30 years of back pain on the BBC and finally if you are looking for further help with your body, please take a look for a professional bodyworker who has invested time and money training in the AiM methods.

You can get started straight away:

👣 Access the free ebook here
👣 Have a read of Gary’s book What The Foot? (or download a free chapter)
👣 Get started with our self-assessment programmes for Everyone
👣 As a professional bodyworker, our online Educational courses are for you

“The aim of any therapeutic work undertaken is never to enter into an “I fix you : you fix me” relationship. The intention of the AiM method is simple: to help you to bring your own body into alignment and create an environment in which the healing can begin. The human body is the ultimate healer – a title belonging to no therapist.”

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