Gary Ward

Gary Ward

London, UK

I’m Gary Ward, the creator of Anatomy in Motion and inventor of the Flow Motion Model. An uncovering of the journey of each bone and joint through gait cycle through a single footstep.

I began my anatomical journey as a ski boot fitter and immediately fell in love, firstly with feet, and secondly with anatomy. I wanted to understand why the smallest change in somebody’s foot reaped unexpected rewards in other areas of the body leading to improvements in people’s pain and their performance. I qualified as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist and began to be invited to run workshops and to teach people based on the results I was able to achieve with my insight. I think the most useful thing I found with my AiM work was realising that I literally ended up with a map to the moving human body that enabled me to navigate it, enter it from two different parts of the body and end up anywhere I wanted or chose. The patterns that arose still tantalise me to this day and I’ll never forget the highs I experienced and realisations I had when putting the model together and recognising that most rules we previously went by in anatomy were easily challenged and often broken.

I recognise that many people struggle to learn the content despite seeing the value in it early on. So much information out there can conflict with what I am teaching, and so our goal is to use the bones and their movement to recognise the truth in the teachings, rather than just our words as gospel (as it were). At Anatomy in Motion we aim to let your experience of the model create your learning 🙂

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