Beyond Podiatry – Part 3:

Here is the third quarter article that was published in the Podiatry Review magazine last Autumn. High time it was shared here on the blog. This one is all about the Flow Motion Model and brings together the ideas discussed in the first two articles. If you missed them you can read Article 1 here and Article 2 here.  Article 1 focusses on the principles of Anatomy in Motion, article 2 on the wonderful foot and article 3, the Flow Motion Model itself.

“To be in a position to access each phase of the Flow Motion Model, your body needs to be capable of accessing all joint ranges in all three planes of motion”. The article will take you through what the Flow Motion Model is, present a symptom orientated scenario, an opportunity to try some self-movement assessments out and an insight into how we use the model to address some of the things we see in the human body that are causing us problems. All of this can be learnt in our live courses OR check out our online courses to dive deep and further into the information you find in these articles:

Finally if you came here as a non-therapist and enjoyed the read, why not check out our self-help Wake Your Body Up programmes as all of the assessments and movements in these programmes have been derived from the Flow Motion Model.

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