My favourite bone

👣 It’s my favourite bone. Why? 🤔

👣 Two reasons. It’s shaped like a triangle and nature loves a triangle.

👣 So much so it made the triangle the most stable structure in the universe and it’s the mathematical centre of mass of your foot.

👣 It’s shape is key 🔑 for enabling pronation and supination on the ground.

👣 You have two of them (cuneiforms that is! Feet too And thus 2x feet COM too!)

👣 This ultimately means that they both each influence the shape of their foot structure around it.

👣 A second cuneiform too medial? Or too anterior? Your foot will pronate around that….. a second cuneiform too lateral or too posterior?

👣 Yep, you guessed it, your foot will have to supinate around that (if it can)… if you struggle to keep that first met head down however then we can’t really call it a supination, more likely your foot pressure will be back towards the heel.

👣 Interestingly the foot with the most medial ➡️⬅️ second cuneiform will present most pronated and the foot with the least medial position of this wonderful bone will be perceived by your brain as the most supinated foot (even if it is still pronated).

👣 Travelling up the chain a pronated foot has pronation partners such as a valgus knee, a pelvic rotation away etc and despite being pronated the other ‘more supinated’ foot has supination partners such as an extended knee or a pelvis rotating towards it.

👣 So your second cuneiforms need to both be in the same place as each other in their respective foot otherwise shit will unravel up the chain and ripple through your body. I haven’t even mentioned sequencing or timing of their motion yet 😳

👣 The second cuneiforms full journey is one of travelling from posterior-lateral in the foot structure to anterior-medial and back to posterior lateral for a smooth journey. 

👣 Many people struggle to feel it move anterior and feel it move predominantly medial instead. This is not a pronating foot. Some people can’t sense it moving at all, this is probably because it’s already anterior-medial and your foot is stuck there. Poor thing.

👣 Give it some love ❤️ Get these chaps moving and watch the whole surrounding foot structure WAKE UP 😃

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