Heel strike

πŸ‘£ That moment, when how you do what you need to do now directly affects each and every ensuing moment….. yep, that’s Strike phase.

πŸ‘£ You might think Strike phase is a simple matter of just putting the heel down on the ground. Not exactly something we think about is it? Pop it down slap back in the middle of the heel bone and roll forwards to get the whole foot on the ground … Erm, nope… πŸš¨βŒβ›”οΈπŸ˜¬

πŸ‘£ This moment of initial contact on the ground is a precious and precise moment in time.

πŸ‘£ Incredibly so. Your calcaneus is anatomically shaped, once initial contact is made, to allow you to roll perfectly through each and every footstep.

πŸ‘£ Assuming it’s placement does not allow the opposite…. Carrying on from the Windlass post last week – when you lift your toes up, does your foot supinate? Does the pressure shift posterior and lateral as the arches rise βœ…βœ…βœ… or do the arches stay low 😞 and you feel the pressure travel medially?

πŸ‘£ This little test can determine how your heel might come into contact with the ground when you walk 🚢🏽 (not an ideally postured emoji 😳)

πŸ‘£ Heel strike ‘should’ make the initial contact with a posterior and lateral contact point.

πŸ‘£ You only have a chance of experiencing this contact point cleanly if, when you lift your big toe, your foot supinates and the pressure travels laterally.

πŸ‘£ If your feet flatten as you lift your toes up or you can’t lift your toes up much at all, then you have minimal chance of making this lateral and posterior contact without major compensation elsewhere in your body! πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ

πŸ‘£ In this latter case, your initial contact will always be more anterior and medial than it should be and is one factor that can easily contribute to over-pronation. Heel Strike should roll from a supinated foot shape to a pronated foot shape as the foot is placed onto the ground – not striking flat and getting flatter!

πŸ‘£ So how do you Strike yours?

πŸ‘£ Where is your initial contact? – posterior lateral?

-πŸ‘£ Anterior medial? (have hamstring issues???)

πŸ‘£ And are both left and right contact points feeling the same or different?

πŸ‘£ Cos different = another level of hmmmmm πŸ˜†
πŸ‘£ PS. The above ☝️ is all about walking 🚢🏽 NOT running πŸƒπŸ½

πŸ‘£ The #flowmotionmodel is a description of the journey of the centre of pressure as it travels through the foot from the initial contact of Strike phase through to the forwards propelling energy of Propulsion phase. 

πŸ‘£ It is represented by a sinusoidal energy wave that flows through the foot. The shape, frequency and timing of which is all determined by the quality of available motion in the whole body, not just the foot. This curve speeds up through certain phases and gets blocked up on others. It either flows efficiently… or it doesn’t. When it does the body thrives, when it doesn’t the body has to muddle through and hope for the best. 

πŸ‘£ I have often likened the flow of the phases to life.

πŸ‘£ Strike – coming down with a bump;

πŸ‘£ suspension phase – reacting to the new environment;

πŸ‘£ Transition – a time of change and full adjustment;

πŸ‘£ Shift – a moment of no turning back, decisions are made and the next step is underway;

πŸ‘£Propulsion – that final push off with purpose and drive to move forwards;

πŸ‘£ Swing – free flowing energy and momentum into the next phase. 

πŸ‘£ We had just hit our Propulsion phase with the release of a new course structure. It was coming along nicely (Swing) when CoVID hit (Strike) and we spent Easter adapting to the new environment and moving to an online business. Summer has been tough entertaining the Transition but the adjustment is underway.

πŸ‘£ Looking forward to the Shift as we enter autumn and can follow this new phase of life through…. just another footstep in the life of AiM and all that attach themselves to it and what we have to offer. 

πŸ‘£ Thanks everyone for being patient. We’ll be back with more very soon. In the meantime….. for me, it’s a camping staycation and a much needed rest ⛺️ 😎

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