👣 So you can’t extend your right knee fully?

👣 If you can’t extend your right knee, you can’t supinate your right foot.

👣 If you can’t supinate your right foot, you can’t have access to your extensor chain.

👣 If you don’t have access to your extensor chain, You can’t propel yourself forwards effectively.

👣 If you can’t propel yourself forwards, you can’t efficiently get your left leg forwards.

👣 If you can’t get your left leg forwards, you can’t rotate and laterally flex your spine towards that foot.

👣 If you can’t rotate and laterally flex your spine towards that foot, you might use your neck to do that instead….. 😳

👣 This might overwork / overstetch your right lateral neck tissues and hoik up that shoulder…. Guess what?

👣 If you go seeking help for right side neck pain, ain’t many people gonna look at that right knee….. even if it’s got a history to it. Most would say it’s better/ healed/ been dealt with before.

👣 But if it can’t do it’s thing, then the body must make up for it somewhere else and it will show up in your assessments if you 🕵🏼 It’s what I call the #greatexchange

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  1. Eu Gene-Reply
    14th September 2021 at 11:58 am

    are you able to elaborate on this – If you can’t get your left leg forwards, you can’t rotate and laterally flex your spine towards that foot. (is this heel strike or towards pronation?)

    • Gary Ward-Reply
      21st September 2021 at 2:58 pm

      You are right, there are individual moments that occur with the leg being in front – one, in my opinion, is open chain (Heel Strike) due to the met heads not being on the ground, and one is when the foot is pronating where it is essential that the metheads are on the ground. Check out my blog on the foot as a tripod . So when the foot is forward and the chain is closed,there is a chain reaction in the joint motions that creates a certain position in the pelvis which naturally has a knock on effect to the spine, creating the possibility of lateral flexion and rotation towards the pronating foot. In the absence of good foot pronation, creates the challenge of making these movements in the upper body. By way of example, you could simply test your lateral flexion to the left and your rotation to your left (use my wake your body up assesments to best gauge this) and retry the assessments with the weight predominantly in your right foot. You should find this makes it easier to go right than left – even if you don’t normally have an issue going to the left. There are some further details required to make total sense of this – such as discussing what a quality lateral flexion / rotation is. But the main key point here is that not having things in the right place, or having joint limitations present, is going to affect the way things move globally as a result of such limitations.

  2. Sign-Reply
    15th October 2021 at 9:57 am

    Brilliant Share!
    Thanks again so much, Gary.
    Do you mind me to translate your articles into mandarin and share? Original link involved of course!
    Want to let professionals notice these fantastic thoughts.

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