True Potential of Knee Mechanics

👣 If you choose to limit the movement of the knee in order to protect it by minimising it’s movement beyond the ankle or to remain over the second toe, there is a certain irony that you just might NOT be protecting the knee, but putting it at greater risk.

👣 How?

👣 Well, simply put (hopefully) the next time your knee actually enters into the airspace beyond the ankle or inside the second toe then it’s lack of previous exposure to those spaces makes it vulnerable.

👣 When does the knee access these areas where vulnerability occurs? Now let me see…. technically it should happen twice per every single stride.

👣 It would happen at speed, making a turn away from your stance leg, going up or down stairs, walking backwards, taking off in a jump, landing from a jump, riding a bike, getting out of a car, sitting with your leg crossed….

👣 Your knee spends the vast majority of its day to day accessing the spaces beyond your ankle and inside of the big toe.

👣 Statement 👉🏼 If you have flat feet, your knee already lives in these ‘forbidden’ spaces. It runs the risk of being stuck towards it’s own end range and unable to return from it…. Still we must teach it to go there better!

👣 When we understand the joint surface anatomy and the three dimensional role of the muscles as well as the relationship between the foot, knee and hip, being free to allow the knee to explore these spaces becomes second nature. Seek not to minimise the knees movement, instead seek to explore its true potential.

👣 The foot is crucial to human movement, the knee is a misunderstood lynchpin in the lower limb and the hip determines the rite of passage for movement up and into the upper body…

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