Wake Your Body Up is a programme I devised at AiM to empower people to take ownership of their own body. The programme comes in two formats: Wake Your Body up and Wake Your Feet up. For many years I have been all too aware of patients and clients who have struggled along, often needlessly, enduring treatments that were proving ineffective or short term at best. Many people are out there, expereincing pain in a certain part of their body and their desire, understandbly so, is to get it fixed as quickly as possible. And yet, this desired ‘fix’ is not straight forward IF (and it’s not a very big if…) the pain is not at the causative or problem site of the pain.

What do I mean by that? Well, more often than not, your pain or discomfort, particularly if chronic, or repeatedly returns over time, is not the part of the body that actually needs to be treated. Annoyingly for many, the parts of the body that do need the treatment ARE NOT the body parts shouting out for help. You see, pain is simply a messenger; a message is sent to the brain, not to say “Treat me” but simply to say “Hey brain, something, somewhere is not right, and I think we should get it checked out”. Your current protocol for that is most likey “Yep, ok, I’ll call the (insert chosen practitioner name)”… and yet, it could be that your brain (and you 😉) begins to respond to this call for help differently.

What if you were able to embark on a personal investigation of what is going on in your body today and cross relate that to a process that is designed to get you back to the causative problem that is contributing to your pains and discomforts?

What sits beneathe the philosophy and approach to AiM is my Flow Motion Model which is a documentation of every single bone and joint in the human body’s journey through single footstep. Fascinatingly for me this created a series of global whole body shapes incorporating all of the possible relationships between one and all bones and joints in the system. We used this system to create the process behind the Wake Your Body up programmes.

You can read more about it in my free ebook “7 steps to take ownership of your own body” but essentially, we introduce you to these key relationships and show you a process to assess your own ability to move your key body parts that may well be holding you back. Wake Your Body Up takes you through an exploration of the pelvis, ribcage and skull while Wake Your Feet Up takes you through an assessment of your feet.

The goal, for me at least, is for you to begin to understand what limitations you have in your body. To pay attention to your resting posture, what that might suggest for you, to pay attention to how you are physically capable fo moving inside the limitations of your resting posture, and again, what this might suggest for you. Importantly, you can cross relate these movement limitations to old injuries (effectively your life history) and recognise that old problems may well be what are holding you back today. Of course, there is a part in the second half of the programme, that is dedicated to and designed to offer you movements to begin to explore the movements that you find yourself struggling with.

As we reintroduce new movements back into your system / body, movements that you currently lack, you may find that you are able to bring your body more into balance. for instance a spine that can easily bend right and not left, may place excess pressure in the right side of the low back OR be pulling consistently on muscles on the left side of the spine. Either one can be problematic and cause discomfort. By teaching yourself to bend your spine left again (not just in isolation – as you may have been doing this for years!) but together with the body parts above and below in sequence and in tandem with the relationships that this movement has with the whole body. You will teach your whole body to move with a left bending spine, rather than just bending your spine left. I hope this makes sense? There is a whole blog post (instagram series) about this here.

These movements help us to break old limiting patterns of movement, by reinstalling any and all movements that have been missing from your physcial day to day life. This awareness now of being able to bend both left AND right is what encourages a return back towards balance and inspire the journey of what we call FINDING CENTRE.

The outcome is that you should be able to expereince freer access to joint motion, become aware of more and more muscles in your body and bring a lightness to how you move and walk around. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but at least they didn’t try and build it in the ‘wrong’ place. Your pain and discomforts most likely exist due to these limitations in your body, have a good go at restoring them and see how your seemingly uncomfortable body parts react to this new freedom in the rest of your body.

Why don’t we have a go and Wake Your Body Up 😃 (or feet?)

The Wake Your Feet Up programme is one of two programmes we ahve where you can get hold of the AiM wedges which form a key part to introducing change of these movements in your feet and teaching them to move again in the way nature itself has designed them to move. Simply purchase the programme and chapter 1 will guide you to purchase your AiM wedges

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