Towel Scrunches? – Really!

👣 When you supinate a foot a whole host of cool shit is supposed to happen.

👣 When you scrunch a towel, pick up marbles, write your name with your toes or attempt to lift your own arch up in the name of exercise.

👣 None of that cool shit sadly does actually happen!!!

👣 You can’t scrunch a towel or pick up a marble with your met-heads on the ground. The forefoot’s supination potential will be lost 🙈

👣 You can’t have movement in 33 joints when you point your toes in the air and write your name. It’s all happening at the ankle (or hip) 🤦🏻‍♂️

👣 And you can’t do a correct and proper short foot exercise with all the joints moving appropriately in three dimensional supination without overcoming the habituated movement patterns in your feet first…! 🤯

👣 So unfortunately this new foot exercise promotional campaign exposed in the @thetimes online today is unlikely to be effective, nor will it be committed to long term by the thousands of individuals who really do need it.

👣 It’s a nice gesture from the pods, however 🙏🏻. A campaign in this department really is needed. But we could just donwith bringing the content up to date first…

👣 Speaking of which: Working hard to realease our WAKE YOUR FEET UP programme in the near future and then we all can get busy with what really makes our amazing little feet tick…. and (ahem!) get to the ‘core’ of this problem 😆

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